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 I blame Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush, and Obama. But you know who else I blame? The House and the Senate and the Supreme Court. Governors, local and state governments, and China. Also, everyone who got mad the president, so voted for different people in the congress. No, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus. How does that even make sense? The democrats were weenies, the republicans were mean-spirited and filibuster-y, and the reverse has been true over the past 30 years. The on-message garbage from the republicans and the scattered message from democrats both hurt America, as does corporate sponsorship, and the Tea Party. They have legitimate gripes, but their solution is to whine about it and elect people who are yelling about it to office. This is not a solution. You can't cut taxes, increase funding to medicare, medicaid and social security, AND the military, significantly more than HALF of our budget, and then LOWER TAXES and expect to balance the budget, or pay off the deficit. This country is a damned mess, and don't tell me to move, because I effing live here, and I do what I can. I campaigned to save that damned library, and we talked to hundreds of people, and the district which we were able to help overwhelmingly voted for the library, and I attended and spoke at several city council meetings and I wore the pro-library shirt around town and you know what? The opposition lied to the public, lied to their supporters, and a corrupt councilman helped them to do it and the uneducated or wrongheaded and selfish voters of Troy won out over those who understand the importance of a library and what it means to children, and what it means to seniors, and how it helps a community, and helps people to find jobs in hard economic times. They wanted a library without higher taxes, in a city where the property values have fallen steeply, deep cuts have already been made, and where they have forced a tax cap which is keeping the city impoverished and preventing it from bettering itself, and so they wrap a free library into their wrong-headed world-view. Well, Troy. Well, Michigan. Well, America...GET OVER YOURSELVES and do something useful. Seriously. somethingsomething Hitler something something Godwin end thread.


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