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So last night, I'm finishing some homework at about quarter-to-two, when I hear sirens and screeching tires.  So, naturally, I turn off my overhead light and look out my window...as a car tears up my street, jumps the curb and slams to a stop more-or-less in a neighbor's driveway.  A cop car is close behind and parks on the curb (fast, of course).  While the cop is pulling up and parking, the guy (about 150 lbs, 5'8"-11", btw. 15-20, baggy bottom, couldn't tell the top) jumps out of the fucking car (still turning over), and runs across the yard and into the next house's backyard.  Needless to say, the officer pursues.  The officer then proceeds to not find the kid (probably hopped a fence and went up a block, call for backup, and for the next 2 hours, we have between 3 and 6 squad cars (most of our force, I believe) parked or driving up and down my street (plus the tow truck, for a bit), and officers wandering into back yards across the street.  At first, the owner of the house whos yard he ran into poked her head in a dressing gown out the front door, but the cop on the scene told her to go back inside, so she did.  Then the neighbor who's driveway now had a new car in it poked his head out, and the dialogue went something like this: "Go back in the house!" "What?" "Go back in the house!" "Who are you?" "The police, sir, go back in the house!" "What's going on?"  "Go back in the house now, sir!" (a door shuts).   Yeah, he's kind of an idiot...always has been.  So anyhow, at some point, mom wakes up to let the dogs out, and asks why I'm still up.  I explain that as I finished my homework...this happened, and she proceeds to stare out the window for 10 minutes, and then tells me not to leave the back door open.  Guy didn't cross the street, and if he did, he isn't coming back towards the officers.  I tell her she's silly, I let the dog out, and she goes back to sleep.  I then proceed, like a complete idiot, to stare out my window with binoculars to see if I can spot the guy This is at about 3am...I do this for perhaps 15 minutes.   Then I settle down to check the news, etc, and do some reading before bed.  The State of Michigan has now been shut down for 4 hours.  I go to sleep.  10 minutes later, the state is un-shutdown.

COPS...dumb show, but now I understand the appeal...if not enough to say, start watching it...ever...
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