May. 7th, 2007

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If you're expecting a detailed update...maybe tomorrow; don't hold your breath. I'm tired. However, I should note that I have finally and, for at least a couple of weeks, returned from Mt. Pleasant, home of the wild Guinea Pig. Yes, that's right. Wild guinea pig. As I was parking across from Dan/Elliotttttt/Aaron/Adam/Kyle's apartment after returning from the On Borrowed Time cast party, I saw a small animal in the parking lot. I recognized it immediately, and, despite its black and white coloration, approached it. Upon reaching it, and petting it, I confirmed my suspicions. It was, in fact, an Abyssinian guinea pig, wandering the parking lot. Naturally, I tried to catch the poor creature and get it at least put away so I could take it to Soldan's in the morning. But after my initial petting, when I approached it, it ran into the bushes, and it being quite late, and me rather tired and it being dark, I was unable to pursue and detain the little beastie. I went back in the morning, hoping it had holed up for the evening, but no, it was gone. So, somewhere in the city of Mount Pleasant, roams a new kind of creature (though I doubt it will live long out on its own): the wild guinea pig. Keep an eye out for this noble creature if you're still in the area, and if not, wish it luck on its journey.


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